What to Expect

What to Expect from Dr. Susan Higginbottom

1) Initial phone contact.  Before arranging an appointment, I will contact you for a brief telephone conversation to learn more about you and assess your needs to determine if my services are a good fit. If it is not, I will do my best to suggest other professionals or agencies who might assist you. Should we decide to work together, we can arrange a meeting at my office for introductions and to discuss the best way to reach your goals.

2) Initial in-person meeting by appointment. In our meetings, we get to know each other to determine what you need, set some goals, and decide how we want to proceed.

Clients often ask “what can I expect?”

Through our therapeutic relationship one can expect:

  • active listening
  • non-judgemental inquiry and feedback
  • reflection of one’s self-limiting or defeating thoughts and behaviours
  • feedback on discrepancies between thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • validation and reinforcement of strengths
  • skills to aid and deepen emotional awareness and blocks
  • interventions and interpretations that increase awareness of personality patterns and the impact of childhood issues.

Clients and colleagues have described me as direct and down to earth, which I take as a compliment.  People comment that my office is warm and welcoming which I hope helps them feel comfortable to share their vulnerabilities, struggles and dreams in.  People of all backgrounds, races, religions and sexual orientations are welcome.