Ethical Standards

Ethical Standards for Registrants of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia

When you choose a psychologist, you can be assured that the psychologist has extensive formal training and supervision.¬†Psychological services in BC are regulated by the College of Psychologists of British Columbia. The “College” serves to protect the public and to regulate the profession of Psychology.

As a Registered Psychologist (No. 1056) I am fully licensed to practice psychology and I am required to uphold strict practice standards in my work. I am governed by the Ethical Practice Standards that are established by the College of Psychologists and written into their Code of Conduct.

A sample of issues governed by the “Code of Conduct” Ethical Practice Standards:

– General standards for competency

– Informed consent

– Confidentiality

– Professionalism

-Maintenance of Records and Security

I am also governed by the Canadian Psychological Association’s Code of Ethics.

This Association has established moral, ethical and practice standards again to protect individuals from harm and requires psychologists to uphold the highest level of standards as determined by four principles:

– Respect for the dignity of persons

– Responsible caring

– Integrity in relationships

-Responsibility to society